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Nahla Mattar is composer, educator, researcher and associate professor at Helwan University HU, Cairo, Egypt. Currently, she is the Director of Umm Kulthum Museum, Ministry of Culture. Mattar got her doctorate of musical arts DMA, in composition from Arizona State University (ASU) in spring 2005. Fellow Researcher at Arts, Media and Engineering program, ASU, 2003-05, (http://ame.asu.edu/). Mattar's goal is to write expressive music that blends music with visual and theatrical rituals, exploring cultural pluralism and interconnectivity topics

Mattar won the second prize in the "Internationaler Komponistinnenwettbewerb / Komponistinnen Festival Herbst 2008, Germany , for her cello, bass clarinet, and piano piece Three. Mattar enjoyed a residency in Winterthur , Zurich, Switzerland , 2008.

She has a great interest in the electro-acoustic/digital interactive medium. Her graduation work: "Scars" was premiered in Phoenix ,Az. in April 2005, a major collaboration with videographer Joan Karlen of University of Wisconsin at Steven points, and visual artist Arina Melkozernova with the director Ilana lydia . Scars was performed again in Berlin with director Oliver Schneller.



















































































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