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22nd of March, Music Experience of PANIC ATTACKS
resale of new book & Cd
Ives' in AL Kotob Khan Jan 12, 2015
Music Appreciation Salon 13Oct.
Ears Wide Open (Cairo-Copenhagen-Cairo)
Music Appreciation Program
Listen to "Gates of Cairo"
DAAD Fellowship
ISIS: CD of new music to strings
Composing for EECMS
lecture about Rubaiat El Khayam to Moribund
"est-ovest festival", Torino, 2012
Three played by ENSEMBLE LINEA, May 19&20
Read Excitation & Resonance
dissertation published with LAMBERT
Egyptian Miniatures now published
Contemporary Egyptian Composition: Socio-Historical Perspective: Read more
Program Music and Rifat Garanna Read more
Meet the Composer Read more
Toward Establishing an Intelligent Stage in Egypt Read more
Multimedia and Music Composition Read more
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