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22nd of March, Music Experience of PANIC ATTACKS
resale of new book & Cd
Ives' in AL Kotob Khan Jan 12, 2015
Music Appreciation Salon 13Oct.
Ears Wide Open (Cairo-Copenhagen-Cairo)
Music Appreciation Program
Listen to "Gates of Cairo"
DAAD Fellowship
ISIS: CD of new music to strings
Composing for EECMS
lecture about Rubaiat El Khayam to Moribund
"est-ovest festival", Torino, 2012
Three played by ENSEMBLE LINEA, May 19&20
Read Excitation & Resonance
dissertation published with LAMBERT
Egyptian Miniatures now published
Contemporary Egyptian Music Composition between Inheritance and Delineation
Thoughts on Women, Music Composition and the Shaping of the Egyptian Self
Egyptian Women Musicians Activities in 2006.
Art Incarnation of Life: 2- Digital Thinking and the Structure of the Interactive
Generative Soundscapes for Experiential Communication:
Concept Based website navigation using a Tangible User Interface:
Rifat Granna:
She had a deep thought
And he almost began to whistle
About El Mogy
Classical Romantic line in Sonbaty Style
On the genius of Egyptian Vernacular Umm Kulthum, Beyram and Ahamed.
Of language and Music
He hesitated
El Asbgy has a special musical color
1- دع الريتم جانبًا وتفحص لون الموسيقى
السيمفونية الخيالية.. موسيقى تفصح عن أسرار نفسية
السيمفونية الخيالية.. موسيقى تفصح عن أسرار نفسية 2
سر تآلف التيمبست
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